Experiment VI – Resonance Box

I was so glad to finish 4 resonance boxes within 12 hours.  The following video shows the testing of 2 resonant boxes with 2 piezo microphones on the left resonance box for audo recording.

Unfortunately, I came across many troubles when trying to make this work.  Well, technically, it’s not working the way I want it to.  The only reason I can think it is not working is that the initiated resonance box is not loud enough, which is most likely the case for the failed attempts of sympathetic resonance.  However, after the 2nd hit with the mallet, there seems to be a very quiet sound that is vibrating the left box.  Here are some of my thoughts on how to improve the device:

  1. Use longer and thicker tuning forks
  2. Create a slot for the tuning fork through the top of the box rather than just the attachment
  3. Create a hammer for a mtor

This shows a video how industry standard resonance boxes work:

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