Making the Device

The last few days have heavily into designing and building the devices.  I already knew what I wanted to make, but I just had to plan it out so I would work as planned.  At first, the trickest part was the electronics component since I haven’t soldered a circuit since grade 8.  Another were the attachments and connections so that the vibrations would feed through the entire box and figuring out the dimensions so it would match the frequency.  I also thought about other additions to a simple circuit, but then I remembered about keeping the circuit simple.  Especially since this is my first time.

I first started off with making the resonance boxes.  Not too much of a problem building, and it seems to work for the first box, but the real test is with the combination of 2 to test the sympathetic resonance.  Though I am a bit worried it sounded a bit quieter than I thought.

When the shop closed, I had to break through my barrier of lack of soldering.  In the end, I was able to successfully solder together my first circuit board.  Though I am still waiting for my vibration motors, most likely to come on Monday, it did work with other motors.  Also, with the help of a tuner, I am able to tune the motor to an ‘A’ using the potentiometer.  This should keep the tuning fork going for a sustained amount of time rather than just hitting it once.  If the vibration of the motor does not keep it going, I also had an idea of putting on a rubbery type arm to ‘hit’ the tuning fork.

I also started drawing together a electric box on CAD to be set for laser cutting. This should be ready by the beginning of next week.

Though the devices are not completely yet, I have some plans on how to use the tuning fork resonant boxing on site.

  1. Measuring the interuption of activites between resonant boxes.
  2. Measuring the sympathetic resonance of the surface.
  3. Finding a ‘whispering’ area of where the sympathetic resonance is most effective by the amplitude of the recording.

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