Experiencing Architecture

When reading ‘Experiencing Architecture, Chapter X – Hearing Architecture’, one of the first things I thought to myself was “YES!  I am so glad I am not the only one who appreciates the acoustics of architecture in the earlier ages”.  I was particularly intrigued with the barrel-vaulted passage in Copenhagen.  I can just imagine how resonant a space like that would be.  I just want to have someone stand in the centre of the arch on one end and I would stand in the centre of the arch on the other end and listen to the many different ways on how I could experiment with a space like that.

This also brings me back to my post ‘first thoughts’ under inventions and areas of research.  Even though I am interested in the passive amplification with materials and instruments, such as the soundboard of a piano and the tuba, I am also as interested with the forms required to amplify sound.  The two shapes I continue to think about are the circle and the parabola.

Some experiments I would like to do in the near future with shapes would be to take a circular, spherical or a parabolic shape and hear the different ways how sound can be passively amplified through these.  The most readily available objects I can think off the top right now are spotlight bowls and satellite dishes.

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